Dr. B. R. Pai – Promoter of Wellness
brpaiBrahmavar Raghunath Pai is the founder-chairman of VWF Group of Companies which started in 1978. He conducts Health and Wellness programs through Vijay Foundation – a non-profit organization.

Apart from engineering and business management qualifications, Dr. Pai holds a PG Diploma in Wellness Management. The latest recognition is Doctor of Honours from (Health & Wellness Management) from Medicina Alternativa (ALMA ATA 1962) Colombo affiliated with The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Dr. Pai was drawn into the wellness movement in its early years and has been zealously championing its cause ever since. He has conducted several successful experiments on integrating time-honoured Indian concepts of holistic living and healing into wellness management. Swasthya Yoga for corporate wellness is a shining example of this success. He has also presented a wide range of wellness programs for public benefit. He has delivered more than 50 talks on Wellness Management.

His continuous quest for Human Potential Development has taken him around the world seeking knowledge on Spirituality, Yoga, Mediation, Holistic Health Management etc.

Dr. Pai has participated in several major wellness conferences, including the International Conference on Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine in Colorado, USA, in 2006. He is also a noted speaker on wellness forums across India.

He is a member of various professional and social organizations and has been honoured with Udyog Patra National Award, F.K. Irani Memorial Award, Outstanding Engineer and Entrepreneur Award and National HRD Award.

He is a member of Rotary Club, Associate Trustee of All India Movement for Seva (AIM for Seva) and many other social organizations. He was a member of Mysore Agenda Task force (MATF).