What is a Salt Cave and what is it good for? 
Our Salt Cave is a room completely surrounded by sterile salt, from the floor to the ceiling and the side walls, with more than 12 tons of Himalayan salt. It is built for relaxation although due to the minerals and properties of Himalayan salt, many users have received some therapeutic benefits from breathing in the salt air.

What should I wear in the salt cave? 
Anything that is comfortable to you. You are just sitting and relaxing there on a zero gravity chair.

Is it cold and/or humid in the salt cave? 
The temperature is usually about 24℃ with low humidity. However, blankets can be provided on request.

Why are phones not allowed inside the salt cave?
The Salt Caves are meant for relaxation. Mobile Phone defeats the very purpose. It also disturbs the fellow guests. Moreover, many studies say that mobile phones can “eat” the negative ions that the Himalayan salt releases into the air. As you breathe these ions in, you actually start to heal from the inside out. Also, this is a relaxing session and no one wants to hear your cell phone ringing.

Why no liquids in the salt cave? 
Liquids will dissolve salt.

Can I read in the salt cave? 
Usually not, the lights are dimmed and relaxing music comes on. However, in private sessions; on request, reading lights will be on and you can enjoy reading.

Why do we have to arrive 15 minutes early? 
We try to start all sessions on time. There may be paperwork to fill out for some of our therapies. The salt cave starts on the hour and we do not interrupt a session once it begins. With the number of people going into the cave, it is extremely important that we keep on schedule.

How often can I have the Salt Cave sessions?
It depends on your purpose. If you want to just relax, you may need a session once in a week or fifteen days. For any particular health benefits, it depends on the intensity of the problem.

Do Salt Cave sessions have side effects?
There are no side-effects as it is a natural therapy.