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Himalayan SaltCrystal Cave

Add salt to your life

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Nurture your health to its natural state

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Himalayan SaltCrystal Cave

SaltCrystal Therapy is a drugless therapy
which heals at the cellular level

Negative ions of the Himalayan SaltCrystal Cave have a positive effect on our health and wellness

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The healthy cool air in the HIMALAYAN SALTCRYSTAL CAVE is enriched with micro-elements of salt which are absorbed by the human body in a natural way through respiration. This results in Body-Mind relaxation and enhances TOTAL WELLNESS by accelerating the self healing process.

Halotherapy, derived from the Greek halos, meaning  ‘salt’  is therapy which makes use of salt. Numerous forms of salt therapy have been known and used from millennia and are widespread in countries such as Poland, Germany, Russia, England, France, Italy, USA, etc.

Salt Caves are very popular and significantly contribute to rejuvenation, prevention of several illnesses and strengthening the immune system.

Himalayan SaltCrystal Cave has been credited with a range of curative powers, from air purification to migraine relief to protection against airborne germs. Spending 45 minutes in the Salt Cave is equivalent to 4 days of exposure to the Sea Aura.

Come and feel the embrace of Mother Nature..

Let the soothing vibrations from our SaltCrystal Cave and the peaceful ambience synergize your healing power! Enhance your Energy at physical, mental and emotional levels

Energy Healing Center

A splendid place to spend quality time with your family and friends

We Served You Well

Very Nice. Mind is calm. Clean and good atmosphere to go deep within oneself. Wishing you all the best. Om.
Swami SukhabodhanandaAuthor of "O Mind Relax please"
A unique experience - energising the body and soul is an experience which cannot be felt physically. I appreciate this effort of introducing salt cave.
Shri Veerendra HeggadeSri Dharmasthala Temple
Thank you for inviting. Have had a blissful Saturday. Energy works. Thank you once again for giving Himalayan experience at our door step in Mysore.
Mr. Achutha BachalliMD, Unilog, Mysore
I experienced meditative state in just a few minutes. Felt wholly relaxed in just a few minutes. The tranquil feeling was very soothing satisfying and pleasing. Would love to spend an hour a day in this place. Mr. Pai has created a unique facility. I am so happy he created this for all of us to experience and advance - mentally, spiritually. This should add years to life and more life to years.
Dr. Avinash KulkarniMD, Litex Elecls., Pune
Quite an extraordinary experience - a sudden calming of mind and body, and a vibration that is very special. I can see the potential for this space that is quite unique.

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